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Football Manager (FM) 2020 Can be Downloaded for Free, Here's How!

In the midst of the epidemic of corona virus that afflicts the world, one of the best soccer games promotes by freeing the game for the next seven days. Football Manager 2020 or better known as FM 20, you can play for free starting from March 18 to March 25 2020.

But after seven days, you can still continue to play this SEGA game by buying it in full on Steam. On the game download site, FM 2020. The price can go down at any time if there are special events that are often held Steam. By freeing the Football Manager 2020 game, it is hoped that people will not feel bored at home because of the impact of the spread of the corona virus.

How to Download FM 2020 Free on Steam

To be able to play FM 2020 for free is also fairly easy. You only need to create a Steam account and then just download the game on the platform. The trick, you only need to find the Football Manager 2020 game on Steam through  this link , then select Play Football Manager at the bottom. Press the green Play Game button. Then automatically, Steam will install the FM 20 game. After the install process is complete, you can play this game.

FM is known as one of the soccer coach simulation games that can be played on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. But for the free version this can only be played on a computer or PC. For those of you who are trying to play FM 20 on an Android phone, you need to buy it for Rp. 129,000 rupiah. Besides that, Kabar Games also has information about the 2020 Football Manager cheat guys, so it's more comfortable at home right?

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Lionel Messi's Eldest Son scored 2 goals for the Barcelona Academy Team

 Lionel Messi's son , Thiago, shows his talent on the gridiron. The seven-year-old boy was able to score two goals when defending the Barcelona academy team.

Lionel Messi's Eldest Son scored 2 goals for the Barcelona Academy Team

Thiago seemed to have the same goal-scoring instincts with his father. Thiago's two goal process for the Barcelona academy was also considered quite good.

In his team's match at the Barcelona academy, Thiago defended Team Sergio, who represented Sergio Busquets. Thiago was seen wearing a Barcelona jersey with number 10, like his father, Lionel Messi .

The Sergio team that Thiago defended could win 9-2 over an opponent. Video footage of Thiago's action scoring two goals in the match was widespread on the internet.

Lionel Messi's Eldest Son scored 2 goals for the Barcelona Academy Team

A number of Barcelona supporters immediately praised the great action of Thiago. They dream that in the future, Thiago can replace the figure of Lionel Messi in Barcelona.

In the 39-second video, it can be seen how Thiago ran swiftly on the field. Lionel Messi's eldest son puts the ball calmly and accurately on his first goal.

Unlike Lionel Messi who has a fantastic left foot, Thiago scored two goals through his right foot. He is also quite calm when dealing with goalkeepers.

3 Sharp Strikers that must be purchased by Real Madrid next season

3 Sharp Strikers that must be purchased by Real Madrid next season

Real Madrid does not yet have a complete squad for the front sector. Since losing Cristiano Ronaldo, Madrid only rely on Karim Benzema and that's not enough.

The attackers brought to the Santiago Bernabeu after Ronaldo's departure were largely disappointing.

The arrival of Luka Jovic from Eintrach Frankfurt has not produced results. For that, Los Blancos continues to explore other options to fill its front lines.

So far there are some top attackers who are being linked with Real Madrid . Some of them are Mauro Icardi and Harry Kane.

Although Karim Benzema is in good form this season, the Frenchman is no longer young. Therefore, the need for a new attacker at the Santiago Bernabeu is very urgent.

Here are three strikers who can improve the Real Madrid front line as reported by Sportskeeda.

Robert Lewandowski

3 Sharp Strikers that must be purchased by Real Madrid next season

Robert Lewandowski is one of the deadliest strikers in modern football and has consistently performed sharply for years. Even though he is no longer young, he is still strong enough to convert all opportunities at Real Madrid.

At the age of 31, the Bayern Munich superstar might not fit the long-term Los Blancos project planned, but Lewandowski can still play a few more years. The Polish striker has scored many goals for his club and country and he can do it at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Zinedine Zidane will certainly not turn down the chance to recruit Lewandowski and land a very sharp striker like the former Borussia Dortmund player who will make their attack line sharply back.

Erling Haaland

3 Sharp Strikers that must be purchased by Real Madrid next season

Erling Haaland had just moved to Borussia Dortmund in January. However, it is not entirely impossible for Real Madrid to bring the player to the Spanish capital.

Erling Haaland's move to Bundesliga giants from Red Bull Salzburg surprised many. However, the player so far has been able to prove its quality at Signal Iduna Park.

The 19-year-old can be an ideal player for Los Blancos because he can easily break through opponents' goal. He will certainly cost a lot but the investment incurred by Los Blancos will not be in vain.

Real Madrid will have to spend money on the Norwegian if there is an opportunity and Zinedine Zidane can play an important role in convincing the player to leave Dortmund.

Kylian Mbappe

3 Sharp Strikers that must be purchased by Real Madrid next season

Kylian Mbappe is the right long term replacement for Karim Benzema and could even be the one to fill the hole left by Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid.

The PSG striker has shown his sharpness in Ligue 1 and it's only a matter of time before he looks for a new club in another European league.

The Frenchman has been linked with a move to the Santiago Bernabeu recently. Mbappe could become the next Los Galacticos after Eden Hazard and possibly be able to conquer La Liga with his speed and agility.

Mbappe is waiting for success in Europe with PSG and he might be tempted to move if he has difficulty getting it within the next one or two seasons. Mbappe has the potential to break the world transfer record if it comes to Real Madrid.

President Juventus Keki with Atalanta's success in the Champions League

 Juventus President Andrea Agnelli made a controversial comment about Atalanta's presence in the Champions League. The blue-black costumed club is indeed being good in the Champions League, so it makes the club win rivals.

President Juventus Keki with Atalanta's success in the Champions League

Agnelli said Atalanta was not fit to be a participant in the Champions League. The rationale of President Juventus is history, big names, and the track record of a club.

Atalanta is arguably benefiting from the latest regulations, the team finishing in the top four Serie A zones automatically enter the Champions League group phase.

The regulation makes Atalanta not have to bother passing the qualification phase just to be in a group with a big European club.

"I really respect everything that Atalanta did, but without international history and thanks to a great season, they get direct access to major European competitions, is that right or not?" said Agnelli, dikuitp from Italian Football .

"Then I think of Rome, who have contributed in recent years to maintain Italy's high ranking in UEFA. They went through a bad season then failed (entered the top four and played in the Champions League), with all the consequences of financial damage," he continued.

"We also have to protect investment and costs. So, does Atalanta with that have a smaller chance to appear at the highest level? I don't want to answer. It's about preparing a transparent process to make this decision."

President Juventus Keki with Atalanta's success in the Champions League

"There are teams that win the league or cup and reach the Champions League elimination based solely on the ranking of their country. The point is how we balance contributions to European football and club performance in one season," said Agnelli, president of Juventus .

 managed to make a surprise appearance in Serie A last season by finishing third. Now, the team nicknamed La Dea (the Goddess) is again making the public surprised thanks to its progress in the brilliant 2019-2020 Champions League.

They surprised the public because they made it to the round of 16. In the first leg in the last 16 phase, Atalanta defeated Valencia 4-1. Their chances of qualifying for the quarter-finals are even greater.

In fact, this is Atalanta's first chance to appear in the Champions League since the club was founded, 111 years ago.

Claiming Ball Boy? Also Play The Best Android Soccer Game Here

Claiming Ball Boy? Also play the following best Android soccer game - The enthusiasm of people throughout the country for the world of football is no longer necessary for you to ask. This sport is arguably a lot of people who like it. In fact, you can also see the interest of the citizens of the 2019 COPA America competition that is taking place at this time, not even a few people who are willing to watch live streaming COPA America 2019 so as not to miss the exciting moments.

Seeing this phenomenon, of course, makes some Android game developers competing to create the best soccer game on smartphones. Well! This time, Hinet will discuss the best Android soccer games and also the most recommended for you to play. From the many soccer games, Hinet has chosen the best one and you can see the list below:

1. Real Football
Claiming Ball Boy?  Also Play The Next Best Android Soccer Game - Real Football

The first Android soccer game that you must play is made by Gameloft named Real Football . As the name implies, your eyes will be spoiled by graphics that are already 3D and as if they really look real.

2. Score! Hero
Claiming Ball Boy?  Also Play The Next Best Android Soccer Game - Score!  Hero

Do you want to shoot ball games with HD graphics and anti-streaming? Then you must try the Score game! Hero released by the developer of First Touch Games. In it there are 600 levels that you must face and each level the level of difficulty is increasingly growing to break through the enemy's goal.

3. Dream League Soccer 2019
Claiming Ball Boy?  Also Play The Next Best Android Soccer Game - DreamLeague Soccer 2019

Do you want to play the best Android ball game offline? Then try the game Dream League Soccer 2019 . Even so, to be able to play this game First Touch Games output you must download it using WiFi, so that the quota does not become tiris. Interestingly in this Android soccer game there are 6 different divisions and 7 diverse competitions.

4. FIFA Soccer
Claiming Ball Boy?  Also Play The Next Best Android Soccer Game - FIFA Soccer

The last recommended Android soccer game that you must also play is FIFA Soccer. Electronic Arts as the game developer guarantees that you will get an exciting soccer game experience. The reason, in this game there are more than 30 leagues, 550 teams, and 17,000 players to choose from. Cool, right?

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Gremio Porto Alegre, the Club with the Best Academy in Brazil

If in Europe there are Ajax Amsterdam and Barcelona as clubs that have good football academies, then in South America, especially Brazil, there is Gremio Porto Alegre. The team from the state of Rio Grande do Sul is known as the producer of the best footballer in the Land of Samba.

One of the players born from the Porto Alegrense Academy Gremio Foot-Ball womb is Ronaldo de Assis Moreira aka Ronaldinho. Born in Porto Alegre, 39 years ago, little Ronaldinho worked his junior career at his hometown club in 1987 to 1998 until finally breaking into the senior team in 1998

One year later Ronaldinho's brilliant talent with Gremio were immediately glimpsed by the Brazilian national team's coaching staff. Remarkably, in his debut year, Ronaldinho was able to donate the 1999 Copa America to the country he loved. After that, the gates of success open. In 2001 Ronaldinho joined Paris Saint-Germain and continued to be the legend of Barcelona and AC Milan.

Ronaldinho is not the only successful Gremio graduate. From the academy located on the outskirts of Porto Alegre, precisely in Eldorado do Sul, it appears a series of top Brazilian players. Call it Douglas Costa (Juventus), Mario Fernandes (CSKA Moscow), Fernando Martins and Pedro Rocha (Spartak Moscow), Lucas Leiva (SS Lazio), Walace Souza Silva (Hannover 96), Jailson Siquiera (Fenerbahce), to Arthur Melo ( Barcelona).

For players who are still defending Gremio and staying digadang will soon become a star in Europe are Luan Guilherme de Jesus Vieira and Everton Soares. In fact, Everton specifically holds the status of "Little Ronaldinho". The 23-year-old striker began to sound after bringing Brazil's 2019 Copa America champions. Everton also became the top scorer, sharing a place with Jose Paulo Guerrero with three goals.

"Our philosophy is not to play to win, but to play to develop. When players are able to play at a high level, it has become our pride. We are happy because what we are doing has gotten very good results, "said Gremio Academy Director, Francesco Barietto, as reported by The Guardian.

Besides Luan and Everton there are two 21-year-old players who are said to be shining soon. They are Jean Pyerre and Matheus Henrique. They are midfielders. His second appearance in the Brazilian League has made a lot of talent scouts from the Blue Continent who are monitoring. Some have even begun to ask the price of the player.

"Our main goal is to form the best players. The second is how to produce players who can adapt to any model and play in any club in the world. For us, when there are our players who are successful in Europe or other parts of the world, we are very proud, "added Barietto.

To form a great player, the Gremio Academy divides 12 teams based on their age level. The smallest is U-10 to the largest is U-23. Each team has a strict promotion-degradation system and is included in official national and state scale competitions. For U-23 teams commonly called "transition team". Transition team players are often played in the first team in official matches. (*)

Junior Competition and Reserve Teams in Several Countries

In the Spanish League, promotion and relegation matters are not only determined by the achievement of points and rankings in the standings. There, a club may not necessarily be promoted to the caste above even though he won.

Each league does have its own peculiarities and rules. In matters of ranking (champions), for example, the English League imposes a benchmark of value achievement and goal difference for entering and conceding. While in the Italian League, if there are clubs of equal value, the clubs must playoff to determine their rank. Goal difference does not apply.

What about the Spanish League? The same value, although the goal difference is different, has no effect. So? Yes, everything is determined based on head-to-head results between two competing clubs.

Likewise the promotion and relegation system, every club in various leagues is determined based on ranking with the conditions earlier. However, this is unique in the Spanish League. Every club that is at the level of competition after the Primera Division, is not necessarily promotion to the division above it even though the club concerned is a division champion.

Probe format in Spain

As is known, the soccer competition in the Spanish League under RFEF - the Spanish Football Federation - has four divisions, namely the Primera Division as the highest level competition followed by the Segunda A Division, the Segunda B Division, and the III Division. As a general rule, several clubs that have been determined have the right to promotion to the division above. Conversely, some clubs that occupy the lowest ranks must volunteer themselves subject to relegation to the divisions below.

The specialty of football in the matador country lies precisely in this promotion-relegation area. Almost every club in the Spanish League has a reserve team. The clubs are dominated by young players (juniors). His name is also a reserve team, of course those teams are candradimuka crater for young players who have the potential to rise to the first team.

So, in addition to the main team, the names of the reserve teams (usually labeled "B") are included such as Almeria B, Athletic Bilbao B, Atletico Madrid B, Barcelona B, Celta de Vigo B, Deportivo La Coruna B, Getafe B, Mallorca B, Osasuna B, Rayo Vallecano B, Real Betis B, Real Madrid Castilla B, Real Sociedad B, Sevilla B, Sporting Gijon B, and Villareal B.

As per RFEF policy, the reserve teams are included in divisions in the Spanish League, provided that a "sibling" club cannot be in the same division. If the club is in the top ranks which results in promotional tickets, then the club has the right to appear in its top division. However, there are other rules, namely if the senior club is still in the upper division then the reserve team is null and void by appearing in the division. That is reasonable because there cannot be one club in the same division.

In the 1983/1984 season, Real Madrid B, then Castilla, won the Segunda A Division. According to the "main rules", Castilla, which at that time was marked by Emilio Butragueno and Manuel Sanchis, was entitled to promotion to the 1984/1985 Primera Division. However, according to "additional rules", the Real Madrid reserve team was null and void by law for promotion because the Real Madrid first team was still in the Primera Division.

At that time Castilla was a team that was looking impressive in Spanish football. Previously Castilla had an achievement in the 1980 Copa del Rey. Even at that time, Castilla had to deal with his senior, Real Madrid. After all, the result was Real Madrid who crushed Castilla 6-1 so they were entitled to the Copa del Rey. That is the highest achievement of the reserve team in the Spanish League.

Castilla's glory as a Real Madrid reserve team is not without "succession". Later, some Castilla star players "move up" to the senior team. In fact, Los Blancos (White Team) also dominated the Spanish League when it won the Primera Division five times in a row (1986-1990) to repeat its glory in the 1960s (1961-1965).

From the experience in the Copa del Rey, it is also illustrated that two teams from the same womb, such as Real Madrid vs Real Madrid B, are still possible to meet in such a tournament. But it is impossible for them to meet in a league match, because the rules indeed forbid two teams from the same camp to play in the same division as well.

Comparison with the English League

The system in the Spanish League does indeed allow a reserve team of a club to compete in the same league as long as they are in different divisions.

Compare this with the English League which does not allow a club's reserve team to compete in the same competition even in different divisions. In England, league managers do not forbid a club from having a reserve team. The reserve teams even compete with each other regularly on a regular schedule.

But they competed in separate competitions, namely special competitions for the reserve teams [ Premier Reserve League ]. If the main team is degraded, the reserve team is also degraded.

In the 2012/2013 season, the Premier Reserve League [PRL] was changed to the Professional Development League [PDL] which was divided into 2 age groups namely U-21 and U-18. In this new format, a team that joins PDL does not depend on the fate of the main team.

In the PRL era, a backup team would be integrated if the senior team was also degraded. In the PDL era, Aston Villa U-21 can remain in League-1 even though the Aston Villa main team itself is integrated from EPL.

Each team allowed in the PDL is allowed to play 4 players whose age has crossed the line - one is allotted specifically for the goalkeeper. Usually, the main players who are recovering from injuries or the new contracted players are played with the U-21 team, both for the recovery process and for the stages of adaptation with English football.

Similar But Not the Same as Indonesia

In certain respects, the competition system adopted in the Spanish League is not much different from Indonesian football. However, these systems actually occur at another level of our football.

Regarding more than one team in the competition for example "only" occurred in the internal union competition in the past. That is also different from Spain, which features senior players in the first team and junior players in the reserve team.

In the VIJ internal competition (the forerunner to Persija Jakarta) in the 1940s, PS Setia and PS Malay Club had participated in Class I, II, and III. In addition to Class I and II, PS Ster 3 and PS Ster 4 have competed in the same division, namely Class III.

Likewise in the Persib Bandung internal competition of the 1930s, 9 of the 11 internal club members of Persib were registered in three classes, namely I, II, and III. Even starting in 1961 when the participation was abolished, PS IPI 1 and PS IPI 2 were in the same division, namely Class I. The abolition of such a system was intended to make the competition take place competitively. That is, there is no one "brother" team that dominates.

Meanwhile, speaking of the reserve team, ISL U-21 was actually intended for that. When the first team feels lack of senior players (because of an injury or contract agreement is not reached?) Then the junior players are expected to support the first team. Finally, the competition was still able to continue because the first team did not resign in the middle of the competition.
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