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Gremio Porto Alegre, the Club with the Best Academy in Brazil

If in Europe there are Ajax Amsterdam and Barcelona as clubs that have good football academies, then in South America, especially Brazil, there is Gremio Porto Alegre. The team from the state of Rio Grande do Sul is known as the producer of the best footballer in the Land of Samba.

One of the players born from the Porto Alegrense Academy Gremio Foot-Ball womb is Ronaldo de Assis Moreira aka Ronaldinho. Born in Porto Alegre, 39 years ago, little Ronaldinho worked his junior career at his hometown club in 1987 to 1998 until finally breaking into the senior team in 1998

One year later Ronaldinho's brilliant talent with Gremio were immediately glimpsed by the Brazilian national team's coaching staff. Remarkably, in his debut year, Ronaldinho was able to donate the 1999 Copa America to the country he loved. After that, the gates of success open. In 2001 Ronaldinho joined Paris Saint-Germain and continued to be the legend of Barcelona and AC Milan.

Ronaldinho is not the only successful Gremio graduate. From the academy located on the outskirts of Porto Alegre, precisely in Eldorado do Sul, it appears a series of top Brazilian players. Call it Douglas Costa (Juventus), Mario Fernandes (CSKA Moscow), Fernando Martins and Pedro Rocha (Spartak Moscow), Lucas Leiva (SS Lazio), Walace Souza Silva (Hannover 96), Jailson Siquiera (Fenerbahce), to Arthur Melo ( Barcelona).

For players who are still defending Gremio and staying digadang will soon become a star in Europe are Luan Guilherme de Jesus Vieira and Everton Soares. In fact, Everton specifically holds the status of "Little Ronaldinho". The 23-year-old striker began to sound after bringing Brazil's 2019 Copa America champions. Everton also became the top scorer, sharing a place with Jose Paulo Guerrero with three goals.

"Our philosophy is not to play to win, but to play to develop. When players are able to play at a high level, it has become our pride. We are happy because what we are doing has gotten very good results, "said Gremio Academy Director, Francesco Barietto, as reported by The Guardian.

Besides Luan and Everton there are two 21-year-old players who are said to be shining soon. They are Jean Pyerre and Matheus Henrique. They are midfielders. His second appearance in the Brazilian League has made a lot of talent scouts from the Blue Continent who are monitoring. Some have even begun to ask the price of the player.

"Our main goal is to form the best players. The second is how to produce players who can adapt to any model and play in any club in the world. For us, when there are our players who are successful in Europe or other parts of the world, we are very proud, "added Barietto.

To form a great player, the Gremio Academy divides 12 teams based on their age level. The smallest is U-10 to the largest is U-23. Each team has a strict promotion-degradation system and is included in official national and state scale competitions. For U-23 teams commonly called "transition team". Transition team players are often played in the first team in official matches. (*)
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