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Win 27-0, Italian Junior Club Coach Fired

Win 27-0, Italian Junior Club Coach Fired - junior club coach in  Italy  Invictasauro, Massimiliano Riccini, was fired because cases were not uncommon in football.

The coach was expelled from his post because of delivering Invictasauro a landslide victory 27-0 over his opponent, Marina Calcio in the U-18 competition in Italy.

The president of the club Invictasauro, Paolo Brogelli, who announced the sacking of the coach. The reason for the dismissal was because the big victory was tarnished with respect for the values ​​of respect in youth soccer coaching.

"We were really surprised and felt very sorry when we heard our junior team defeated Marina Calcio 27-0."

"This [a landslide victory] is very contrary to the values ​​in the youth soccer team. The opposing team must always get respect and not happen in that match," Brogelli was quoted by Football Italia .
Brogelli said the dismissal of the coach is expected to be an important learning for his team that coaching young age is not a matter of winning and losing.

"As president [of the club], I am of the deepest heart in apologizing to the Marina club. The announcement of Riccini's dismissal was based on an absolute decision from the directors."
"Our coaches have a duty to train the players, and above all educate them. That is not the case at the moment," Brogelli said.

The attitude of respect and the formation of the character of the players have become the main values ​​in young football, especially in Europe.

This very landslide victory was actually considered a disgrace for the team in the junior competition. (bac / bac)
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